Red light therapy for muscle recovery and athletic performance

can red light therapy help muslces recover



Would you like to reduce muscle pain, recover faster and be back on the field sooner? Red light therapy is changing the world of sports by helping athletes recover faster. Professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, and PGA tour are now using red light therapy to speed up the recovery process post-workout. 

You do not have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the muscles enhancing benefits of red light therapy. Learn about how you can use red light therapy before and after your workouts. Unsure what red and infrared light therapy is or why it should be a cornerstone in your training regimen? Let’s take a closer look below.

Benefits of red light therapy for muscle recovery and performance

Red light therapy works by stimulating your body’s natural self-healing process which plays an important role in your muscle health, athletic performance, and muscle recovery. Because red light therapy works by increasing blood flow and stimulating cell regeneration, athletes are able to speed up the recovery process along with increasing strength prior to working out.

Recent clinical studies have shown red and near-infrared light therapy can repair muscle, enhance athletic performance, and aid in the recovery process following a workout or injury. Red light therapy can also help the body get more benefits from exercise, both in terms of muscle gain and fat loss. There is also research showing that red and near-infrared light may help prevent muscle loss that occurs with aging.

More studies have shown red light therapy to:

  • Prevent muscle fatigue
  • Enhance muscle strength and stamina
  • Enhance muscle endurance during workout
  • Increase fat loss responses from exercise
  • Increase muscle growth responses from exercise
  • Promote faster recovery from injury
  • Reduce pain and inflammation

How does red light therapy work for muscle recovery and muscle growth?

Red and near-infrared wavelengths from a light therapy device stimulate mitochondria. Science has proven that these wavelengths of light cause your mitochondria to produce more energy (in the form of ATP). ATP provides the fuel that each cell needs to carry out all of its functions, including regeneration and healing.

Muscle tissue has more mitochondria than any other place in the body because it is used to power all sorts of movement. This means that your muscle tissue is particularly responsive to high doses of red and infrared light therapy.

Muscle fatigue, strength and endurance, recovery, and weight loss

Some of the benefits offered by red light and infrared light therapies should be obvious from the information above, so we will break down the main benefits below.

Muscle Fatigue: Fatigue often occurs when you are training at a high level. Over time, you become fatigued because of a buildup of toxins in your body and experience soreness, pain, weakness and cramping. Red light therapy can be used to combat muscle fatigue improving oxygenation, nutrient delivery, toxin removal, and cellular healing.

Muscular Strength & Endurance: Muscle strength and stamina is a must for every high performing athlete. The more stamina your muscles have, the longer you’ll be able to workout and perform. The more stamina and endurance your muscles have, the longer you’ll be able to perform at peak level without succumbing to fatigue or exhaustion. Red light therapy energizes your body’s cells, giving you the ability to do more for longer periods of time. Red and near-infrared light make your cells capable of more growth and faster recovery.

Recovery: Proper recovery is a must for any high performer. When you push your body too far, you experience pain, soreness, stiffness, and other problems. Red light and near-infrared light support your body’s ability to recover and even speed up recovery time. Because your cells are more energized and efficient, with access to more energy in the form of ATP, they can regenerate better and they’re more resilient to being pushed to or beyond their limits. That means you experience less downtime, less pain, less stiffness, and more gains.

Weight Loss: Red and infrared light has even shown to stimulate your body’s ability to burn calories. Cellular growth and healing require energy, and higher activity levels mean your cells demand more energy. This helps increase fat loss in response to exercise.

can red light therapy help muslces recover

Clinical studies on using red light for muscle recovery

Recent clinical studies have shown red and near-infrared light therapy can repair muscle, enhance athletic performance, and aid in the recovery process following workout or injury. In 2015, researchers performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of many of these randomized, placebo-controlled trials. The results were overwhelmingly positive:

  • The vast majority of clinical trials reviewed showed “significant improvement for the main measures related to performance” like max repetitions, speed, and endurance.
  • Time before exhaustion during various exercises “increased significantly compared to placebo.”
  • Researchers concluded that “phototherapy (with lasers and LEDs) improves muscular performance and accelerates recovery when applied before exercise.”

A 2016 trial analyzed light therapy’s effects on men ages 18 to 35 performing strength training. People in the light therapy group “showed significant changes” in max torque for both leg extension and leg press exercises. Researchers concluded: “The application of phototherapy yields enhanced strength gains when it is applied before exercise. The application may have additional beneficial value in post-injury rehabilitation where strength improvements are needed.”

How to use red light therapy for muscle recovery and performance

Study after study has shown red light therapy’s ability to prevent muscle soreness and speed muscle recovery during exercise all while increasing performance and sleep quality.

Use red or near-infrared (NIR) therapy alone or in combination for 3-5 minutes immediately prior to exercise to precondition the muscles and prevent injury.

Immediately after exercise, bathe muscles in red or NIR light for 10-20 minutes to accelerate recovery. To achieve the best results, use a combination of red and near-infrared light wavelengths both before and after your workouts

Red light has a powerful effect on tissue that is just beneath the skin, including muscle, bone, and connective tissue (such as in the hands, feet, knees, neck, and ankles). While near-infrared light absorbs into deeper tissues and can therapeutically affect large muscle groups that are just out of reach of shorter-wavelength red light.

Red Light Pre-Workout Routine:

  • Objective: Increased stamina, strength & cellular energy
  • Where to Place: Shine on the muscles that will receive the most load
  • When to Use: Optimal time is 30 minutes to 1 hour before working out
  • Treatment time: 10-minute treatment
  • Other Tips: Use red light while stretching and preparing to workout

Red Light Post-Workout Routine:

  • Objective: Accelerated muscle recovery, reduced soreness
  • Where to Place: Target most strained areas in the body
  • When to Use: Directly after a workout, during cool-off period
  • Treatment Time: 10-20 minutes
  • Other Tips: Great to use with stretching and winding down

can red light therapy help muslces recover


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