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About Vital Red Light 

Our Story 

Our Story 

Our mission at Vital Red Light is to make people happier and healthier with our industry leading light therapy products. Simple as that. We were founded on the premise of optimizing the human body and mind, while empowering our customers to make conscious health & wellness decisions on the daily. 

Launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vital Red Light founders wanted a way for people to enhance immunity, empower their at-home health & wellness routine, and thrive during the worst pandemic in modern history. At its premise, Red light therapy is preventive care for living a healthy & balanced life.

1. Preventive Care for the Future
Red light therapy is the future of human health & optimization. By fortifying your body and mind with natural light therapy, you are enhancing your immune system, fighting stress, and reversing aging with this all-in-one treatment.

2. Living a Balanced Life
We believe that proper balance is a critical component to achieving optimal health & wellness. Without energy and vitality, we would not have the energy to live our live’s to the fullest. Just like diet and exercise play critical roles for human health optimization, so does light! Light acts as fuel for the body. Today, human’s get too much of the wrong kind of light (blue light from our phones and screens) and not enough good light (red and near infrared light). We designed our products for at-home use for the entire family so you can utilize the healing power of light day or night.

3. Conscious Health & Wellness
We encourage all of our Vital Red Light customers to set up a conscious, at-home health routine that suits your needs. Our founders have experienced the life changing benefits of consistent use of light therapy - and we want you to share the benefits. Imagine having better skin, more energy, enhanced immunity, and less stress all after 10-minutes of red and near infrared light therapy!

Closing Remark 
Vital Red Light is one of the world’s most trusted manufactures of premium red and near infrared light therapy devices. Today, Vital Red Light therapy devices are being used by thousands of individuals across the world to improve their health in the comfort of their own home. Professional athletes, medical professionals (dermatologist, chiropractors, sports medicine, aestheticians), top beauty professionals, and world-class gyms & health clinics all trust Vital Red Light as their source for red light therapy devices. 

The Vital Red Light Community

"Vital Red Light has changed the way I think about my health and wellness" 

Cindy | Chicago, IL

"Thanks to Vital Red Light, I have created a health conscious routine to follow" 

Jamie | Albany, NY

"I not only haven't gotten sick since using my light, but I am FILLED with smooth energy"

Brooke | Los Angeles, CA

"Vital Red Light is the first thing that I use in the morning."

Cameron | Torrence, CA

"This light has taught me so much about my body and what makes me feel good"

Jenny | Buffalo, NY

"We leave our Vital Light on all night long. It is our nightly vibe!"

Dave | Westchester, NY

"I can't imagine a single day without my light therapy device. I love Vital" 

Tori | Toronto, CAN

"Using red light daily is like a cheat code. I am clear, focused, and energized!"

Bill | Portland, OR

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