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Vital Red Light vs. Competition


Vital Red Light is the fastest growing red light therapy company on the market today. Vital Red Light offers the most affordable red light therapy devices on the market without compromising effectiveness, safety, quality, or functionality. We are able to keep our prices low by offering our products direct to consumers. It is our mission to provide effective, affordable, and accessible red light therapy devices straight to the customer.



Medical Grade Red Light Therapy Devices

Vital Red Light Therapy devices can be classified as medical grade because they are proven to have a therapeutic effect on the body. All Vital Red Light devices are FDA cleared and undergo the most arduous testing policies before the devices become consumer ready.


High Powered 5 Watt LED Lights

Vital Red Light Therapy devices use premium 5W LED lighting technology to deliver the highest irradiance on the market. Most competition out there use 3W LED lights because they are cheaper to manufacture. Vital Red Light values your time, and with our higher powered 5W lights, you will be able to experience therapeutic effects much faster with our devices. A higher powered device translates to less treatment time.


Anti-flicker LED Technology

Vital Red Light Therapy devices utilize the most advanced anti-flicker LED technology in all of our devices for maximum comfort and treatment effectiveness.


Near Zero EMF Output

Vital Red Light complies with the strictest safety standards in the industry today. You can rest assured that all devices are ethically manufactured, contain quality materials that are environmentally friendly, and do not emit a high dosage of harmful EMFs as your cell phone does.