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Independent Testing Results

Spectrum Test Report

We are very excited to share results from independent, third part testing performed on the Vital Red Light V100. These results were performed by independent testing laboratories at Everfine Corporation.



The results showed that Vital Red Light V100 is the most powerful and cost effective full body red and near infrared light therapy device on the market, operating with a precise spectrum of red and near infrared light.


Spectrum Results

Our devices deliver wavelengths of deep red (660nm) and near infrared (850nm) light which are both in the natural light spectrum and just happen to be most beneficial for human energy. These wavelengths of light have been proven across thousands of different medical studies to enhance cellular function in a multitude of ways.


Red Light Results

Red (660nm) light is more surface level and more readily absorbed by skin tissue, improving things like skin health, collagen production, eye health, and even gut health.


Near Infrared Testing Results 

Near infrared (850nm) light penetrates much deeper into the body and is shown to benefit brain health, nerve health, inflammation, joint pain, cellular health and much more.


Our devices have been 3rd party tested by Everfine Corporation, one of the world's leading suppliers of photoelectrical (optical, electrical, opto-electronical) measurement instruments and calibration services.


The full report contents can be made available upon request. Please contact for more details.