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About Us


About Vital Red Light  

Vital Red Light is one of the world’s most trusted manufactures of premium red and near infrared light therapy devices. Today, Vital Red Light therapy devices are being used by thousands of individuals across the world to improve their health in the comfort of their own home. Professional athletes, medical professionals (dermatologist, chiropractors, sports medicine, aestheticians), top beauty professionals, and world-class gyms & health clinics all trust Vital Red Light as their source for red light therapy devices. 

Vital Red Light is family owned and operated since 2019. We are based and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with an office location in New York as well. 

It is our mission to bring premium quality red light therapy devices to everyone at affordable prices. With innovative LED technologies now available, it is now possible to experience the benefits of red light inside of your home for much less.