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Red Light Therapy for Better Skin

by Jake Sol |

Using Red Light Therapy for Better Skin

Chances are, your skin-care routine features its fair share of cleansers, scrubs, serums, and creams. The one thing that is missing for better complexion and overall skin health? Red Light Therapy. What was once reserved for the world’s top spas, salons, aestheticians, dermatologists, and beauty experts can now be used in the comfort of your own home. Red light therapy is one of the safest, most effective, and natural skin treatments available today on the market. The treatment is currently being used by some of the top skincare professionals in the world for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, healing benefits, and enhanced complexion. After just several treatments of red light therapy, users experience improved appearance, boosted collagen, improved healing times, lowered inflammation, and reduced acne & scarring.


So What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy, also known as low-level light therapy or laser therapy, was first discovered by NASA in the 1980s as they explored the therapeutic effects that these natural wavelengths had on the human body. Since the discovery by NASA, red light therapy has been studied in hundreds of clinical trials with overwhelming positive results. It is no wonder why red light therapy is popping up in your local salon and spa. It is only a matter of time until this new, cutting-edge treatment modality makes its way into the mainstream.


How Red Light Therapy Works for Better Skin

Red light therapy is 100% natural, chemical-free and drug-free medium to combat the signs of aging and solve a whole host of other skin issues. Unlike most creams, serums, and procedures, red light therapy works with your body on a cellular level to bring about long-lasting and natural healing. Red light therapy penetrates different levels of the skin to excite cellular activity and increase blood supply to the skin's surface. Increased blood flow to the area means more nutrients and oxygen to nourish the skin cells. This also leads to the production of fibroblasts and collagen that aids in the correction and prevention of certain skin issues. Your skin and tissues are made up of a few different types of cells, namely fibroblasts, collagen, keratinocytes, and immune cells, all of which are important for regeneration. According to the latest scientific research, specific wavelengths of LED light can stimulate all of these cells – boosting collagen production and elastin. Additionally, red light is used across many other health issues to resolve the underlying cause of disease, irritation, and cellular dysfunction by stimulating energy production in the form of ATP. Enhanced ATP levels, otherwise known as your cellular energy source, leads to an increase in circulation and better-functioning skin. 


5 Main Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Better Skin 


1. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

Red light therapy boosts collagen in the skin and promotes blood flow, leading to diminished fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet naturally.


2. Promotes faster skin healing and rejuvenation

Red light therapy promotes the formation of new blood vessels and tissue in the skin, leading to faster healing across the board for all kinds of wounds, injuries, scars, and acne.


3. Reduces scarring and balances skin tone  

Red light therapy enhances collagen and elastin levels in order to heal old, stubborn scars. Red light also balances the melanin hormone level in your skin to improve the appearance of dark spots


4. Helps to get rid of acne

Red light therapy has been tested as an alternative acne treatment because it reduces the sebum (aka oil) production and changes some of the cellular behavior that causes acne.


5. Reduces Inflammation

Red light therapy tackles the root cause of most skin-related issues and redness – inflammation. Red light therapy works because it reduces oxidative stress which is responsible for inflammation and redness.


How to Use Red Light Therapy for Better Skin

Vital Red Light Therapy is simple, straight forward, and easy to use for better skin. Simply shine your Vital Red Light for 10 minutes a day on the treatment area. We’ve seen users experience the best results with about 5 treatments per week. It is important to note that everybody responds differently so please be careful and listen to your body and how your skin responds. People often have the most success by starting small – with a daily 5 minute red light therapy session and gradually working up to 10-15 minutes.


Your skin is able to absorb red light quiet readily. Surprising to most, red light gets deep down into the layers of your skin. Once this light hits your skin, the restorative healing cellular process begins. First, your collagen (the building block protein for skin and nails) is boosted, giving your skin that elastic and clear complexion look. Then inflammation is reduced due to more cellular ATP, resulting gin less acne, eczema, and rosacea. Your body’s natural healing engine activated with red light therapy which results in your skin’s repair mechanisms becoming stimulated, healing your wounds, scars, burns and cellulite at a much faster rate.


With red light therapy, all you need is 10 minutes a day! Then you can go about your day, apply makeup, go to work or go out with your friends without having to worry that your skin will look terrible. This light therapy is safe for all skin types and has no known adverse side effects. This well-researched at-home red light therapy device is FDA-approved to treat full facial wrinkles. It is safe for all ages.